Staffing services

Temporary staffing

Access short- or long-term help to fill in for vacations, sick days or high-demand periods. Quickly access pre-screened professionals, on-demand, without excess overtime costs or increasing permanent staff.

Temporary-to-permanent staffing

Assess our candidate’s performance at your organization before extending an offer. Eliminate the risk of bad hires and ensure a perfect skill and cultural fit.

Permanent placement

Allow Regal Executive Search to recruit, screen and vet candidates – you choose from the best we offer. Lower your time and cost to hire.

Payroll services

Place the employees of your choice on our payroll. We’ll recruit, screen, train and hire temporary employers. We take responsibility for benefits, workers’ compensation and unemployment claims – relieving you of administrative headaches and co-employment risks. 

Background checks

Every applicant is background checked to your specifications. Options include reference checks, drug screen, driving record screen and criminal background check.